About People Interactive Consultancy

People Interactive is a people focused Company, dedicated to delivering a personal HR (Human Resources) Consultancy service for small to medium sized organisations.How People Interactive Can Help You

In a world of ever increasing employment legislation People Interactive can help to safeguard your business from the risk of Employment Tribunal claims and financial penalties as well as working with your organisation to enhance overall performance management.

As a visitor to our site you may be considering the use of HR services to address a business requirement. People Interactive helps clients to understand, develop, and assess the effectiveness of their current HR programmes and policies in order to optimise the contribution of HR.

When implemented effectively HR can reduce the significant amount of management time dealing with employee issues and associated administrative burden. People Interactive offers you a wealth of HR expertise, professionalism and a personalised service to drive your business forward. When combined this can lead to a significant contribution to the profitability of your business.

People Interactive can provide advice on all aspects of employment matters. This can be delivered in a variety of ways including helpline queries, 1 to 2 day workshops designed to assist Managers with managing HR issues more effectively, and attendance on site to implement a value added HR function.

People Interactive helps you maximise your human capital, as your people provide you with a competitive edge.

People Interactive provide innovative solutions to solve business needs and works in conjunction with experienced employment lawyers who act for both employers and employees in all aspects of employment law, including but not limited to advising in relation to Employment Tribunal Claims, discrimination, aspects of mergers, acquisitions, TUPE, FSA investigations, boardroom & Senior Executive terminations and unfair dismissal.

People Interactive has strong relations with a network of Associate Consultants who help to deliver our range of services. As you can see from our service offering it is all about your people and making a difference in the marketplace. If you would like to find out about what People Interactive can do for you, more information can be found on our services page or alternatively please contact People Interactive directly.

  • People Differentiate Your Business

  • People Interactive Aims To:

    • Assist businesses to achieve a profitable organisation
    • Increase workforce contributions, competence and commitment
    • Provide effective HR solutions and minimise the cost of Employment tribunal claims
  • People Interactive Capabilities:

    • Client focused and professional approach
    • Outstanding service and HR Solution Provider
    • Proven track record of delivering and executing HR Strategies
  • Associate Network

    Strong relations with a network of Associate Consultants and Employment & Corporate Lawyers

  • The Road To Success

    Consult ⇒ Design ⇒ Build ⇒ Operate ⇒ Maintain ⇒ Optimise